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Carpe diem.

I've finally graduated from the halls of McKinley High School. Currently attending Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. I'm stoked to see what they have in store for me, and begin my future. I already miss my friends and family, but most importantly, my amazing, loving, adorable boyfriend ARTIE. He's my love, my rock, and everything important to me; my best friend. Our love is unconditional and indestructible, so I know we'll get through anything. I'd like to think I'm a force to be reckoned with.

♥ Happily taken by Artie Abrams.

ooc: Currently on an indefinite hiatus. Formerly part of The Journey of Glee.

Future bro-in-law came to visit me at Yale! Fun times.

The Smell of Bacon || Quartie

ooc; We decided to do a next morning chatzy of Quinn waking up to the smell of bacon, only to find Artie making breakfast for the both of them in her kitchenette at Yale. Unfortunately some of our work was unrecoverable, so we decided to share what was left anyway— keep in mind that the first few replies or so are missing. We tried to set the scene for you guys anyway. :)

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Be Mine, Valentine? || Quartie

  • INVOLVED → Artie Abrams and Quinn Fabray.
  • LOCATION Quinn’s dorm, New Haven, Connecticut.
  • TIME FRAME  → Thursday, February 14th.
  • SUMMARY → Artie drops in to surprise Quinn on Valentine’s Day.

ooc; As most of you know, Angie and I are on an indefinite hiatus with our Quartie. That being said, with our disappoint of recent hook-ups via the last episode of Glee, we needed a pick-me up and made a little chatzy time for some pure Quartie Valentine’s Day fluff, picking up from our RP. Enjoy!

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quinnisqueen and theartieparty are so missed at thejourneyofgleerpg. It just doesn’t feel the same without their dynamic as characters and a couple there anymore.

I miss every single one of you, both members of the group as well as followers. Thank you kind anon, maybe someday we’ll be back in action. <3


Even though they don’t rp anymore, I still think of theartieparty and quinnisqueen as canon Quartie.

I just really wanted this on my page; thank you sweet anon - I miss you all! <3

Anonymous asked: I really miss this quartie, will you be coming back?

ooc; So do I, sweetie, so do I. I honestly don’t know, but I hope maybe someday to! Sorry if that’s not very helpful; I do check here occasionally though. <3


Theartieparty and quinnisqueen leaving The Journey of Glee is shocking. They made me love Quartie in a way that I didn’t think was possible, their portrayals of Quinn and Artie were amazing, and the Quarkleberry friendships was one of the best friendships portrayed I’ve seen among the characters. It will be sad to go but personal lives are always more important.

ooc; To whomever sent this in… thank you so much. To make others fall in love with Quartie like we have was our goal, and I’m so glad we succeeded. We’ll miss the friendships both in character and OOC— we already do, but the memories will live forever, and you never know if we may pop up again. <3

Anonymous asked: Do you have any other rps that people could follow?

ooc; http://quinnieinsincity.tumblr.com and http://ucf-quinn.tumblr.com; my partner on both is the same that plays Miles (Artie’s older brother) on Journey. :)

Anonymous asked: Will you be on your personal much?

ooc; Definitely more now than I was before. I spent a good chunk of time on here so I’ll at least be checking my personal once a day or so— feel free to drop me a message if you ever want to talk. <3

And I understand if people want to unfollow here, but I may be popping in on occasion— you never know, so… I’m keeping this open. I loved this RP /  the people in it too much to get rid of the memories.



Hello, lovelies. Allow me a second to just… wipe the tears— it hurts to have to admit this, before all you now; you’ve been such incredible followers / fellow RP partners, so supportive and lovely and sweet, that… to say these next few words simply— shatters my heart. But… I’m afraid I’m going to have to say goodbye to this RPG.

It’s been a long, incredible ride (a little over a year). I’ve met so many wonderful people, made amazing friends— made my very best friend, my Quinn and my CC mama bear, for ever, and… and found some small semblance of sanity within the Glee fandom amongst my fellow ducklings. It’s just… come to a point in my life where I’ve allowed RP to consume me. I’ve ignored a lot of my maturing responsibilities, and I’ve ignored many opportunities to go out and pursue my performance dreams. With the New Year fast approaching… it seems that— in order to better myself and achieve my goals, I’ve got to stop living through Artie.

I hope you can all understand— this is so very hard for me, and I’m going to miss this experience / these ships and this Quartie more than I can possibly say. My account will still be here; I won’t deactivate, won’t chance letting all the hard work and love my irreplaceable partner and I put into creating our characters’ stories go to waste. I may even pop in from time to time; but don’t hesitate to message or follow me (if you so choose) on my personal. Really, just— I’m so, so very sorry.

Thank you all for being my friends. My family. Thank you for shaping this year into one of the best of my life. I love you… I really, truly do. And I love this RP… best of luck to all of you; don’t ever forget how much of an imprint you’ve made on my heart.


- Angie <333


To add to Angie’s message:

Hey guys, as you all know, the last 15 months, myself and my lovely Artie (my Angie Bee), have been playing out Quartie’s journey on this RP. As heartbreaking as it is for me to say, I guess their journey is… not closed, per-say— we all know they get married happily ever after with three beautiful children (via the future account for this one), but… our portrayal of them has come to an end. As much as I would love to stay and play out every aspect of their lives, I guess there’s only so much time in real life, to do that… I just hope you all know how much I’ve loved my followers and your support; it has meant the world to me, and I don’t think I would be able to do it without all of you, my fellow members of the group, and my best friend, Angie… this experience brought me a new best friend and as badly as I don’t want to let this go, I have to… because she is irreplaceable.

Just as my partner, I will be leaving this account up, and if you ever want to chat, I will try and check from time to time. Until then, I would love to chat if you want to follow my personal. Thank you all so much for everything… and quack quack, ducklings. Keep on living the Quartie dream.

I’m sorry for any typos but… I can barely read my computer screen because of all of the tears.

Thank you again,

Love always, CC <3